Pregnant woman killed by client after she was prostituted by husband
Jan 14 2024
In this episode of Crime Watch Daily Updates, we delve into the tragic case of Jaymie Adams, a 25-year-old pregnant woman who went missing after visiting a local McDonald's in Oklahoma City. Her body was discovered a month later, bearing over 20 stab wounds and signs of blunt force trauma. Initially, suspicion fell on her husband, Justin, but it was later revealed that Jaymie worked as a prostitute and Justin had been advertising her services on Craigslist. The investigation led to a man named Joseph Cyr, whose semen was found on Jaymie's body. He was subsequently charged with the murders of Jaymie and her unborn child. Joseph was convicted in 2016 and received two life sentences. Despite appealing his conviction on the grounds of not knowing about Jaymie's pregnancy, the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals upheld the ruling in 2018. This case sheds light on the devastating consequences of a Craigslist killer, tearing apart a family in the process.

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