7.0-litre, 625bhp RUFFIAN Mustang + 580bhp RUFFIAN GT40
Jan 14 2024
Chris Ashton, co-founder and design director of Turtle Rock Studios, has a passion for both Seventies Mustangs and Trans-Am racing. He decided to hand-build himself a race-car for the road that combines the aesthetics of a classic Mustang with modern functionality. The Mustang features massive rubber tires, custom steel fender flares, and a carbureted LS427 engine that produces 625bhp and 560ft lb of torque.

On the other hand, Ashton's GT40 is a different beast altogether. It incorporates modern techniques and components while still showcasing Ashton's craftsmanship and dedication. The GT40 is powered by a Ford Racing 52XS V8 engine, which generates 580bhp and 445lb ft of torque. It also features a handmade octopus equal length exhaust that not only looks stunning but produces a classic Americana sound.

The question remains: which of these two cars is your favorite?

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