Lateasha Lunceford Claps Back at Dr. Heavenly Kimes' Gold Digger Accusation on WWHL
Jan 29 2024
Lateasha Lunceford, a cast member of Married to Medicine, addresses the accusation made by Dr. Heavenly Kimes that she is a gold digger. Lunceford does not shy away from admitting that she enjoys the financial benefits that come with being married to a wealthy man. She believes that it is natural for women to desire a financially successful partner. In response to Kimes' accusation, Lunceford suggests that Kimes should focus on her own marriage, as she believes Kimes "trapped" her husband, Dr. Damon Kimes. Lunceford's response to being labeled a gold digger is unapologetic, emphasizing the role of a wife as a house manager who can utilize her husband's financial resources.

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