Getting Down and Dirty in Public: Love Don't Judge - Exploring Iconic Locations as Adult Content Creators
Feb 08 2024
KAYLEE and Cody are a couple from Atlanta, Georgia, who work as adult content creators. They have been together for over a year and are planning to get married next year. Kaylee was already in the adult content industry before meeting Cody, and after a couple of months of dating, he decided to join her. They have turned their business into a pleasurable experience by traveling to iconic locations around the world to create their content. Kaylee has even made a bucket list of places where she wants to be intimate, including the 7 natural wonders of the world. So far, they have already checked off 3 of them. The couple travels in a well-equipped RV, exploring national parks in America and Canada, but they often choose to share their intimate moments outside of the RV. Unfortunately, they face a lot of backlash online, especially targeted at Kaylee, with comments insinuating that her parents must be ashamed. Kaylee acknowledges that she receives more criticism because she is a woman, while Cody mostly receives positive feedback. Cody has yet to disclose to his parents how he earns money, but in this episode, viewers witness a serious conversation between the couple and Cody's sister, Nina, about their career choices. Despite the negativity they face, Kaylee and Cody believe they have found their perfect match in each other and continue to enjoy every moment together, disregarding the opinions of their haters.

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