The Dark Side of Gross Wealth: Corruption and Questionable Practices in Government Contracts Revealed by 60 Minutes Australia
Feb 11 2024
Investigative journalist Nick McKenzie exposes the dark underbelly of extreme wealth in the government sector in this eye-opening episode of 60 Minutes Australia. Collaborating with The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, the investigation sheds light on the dubious activities taking place within the federal Department of Home Affairs, specifically in relation to billion-dollar government contracts. Unveiling the intricate web of corruption and questionable practices involved in the granting of these contracts, the program also uncovers the astonishing opulence enjoyed by certain individuals who have profited immensely from these deals. Prepare to be shocked as 60 Minutes Australia delves deep into the world of government contract corruption and the extravagant lifestyles it has spawned.

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