Interview with Barbie Trammell: Homespun Heart Angel Wings at CURVE NYFW 2024 - Exclusive Look into Fashion and Glam Props
Feb 26 2024
Step into the world of fashion and glam props with our exclusive interview featuring Barbie Trammell, the talented designer and CEO of Homespun Heart. Filmed at the Curve Trade Show during New York Fashion Week 2024 in NYC, this interview offers an inside look into the creative vision behind Homespun Heart's unique and stylish props. Barbie Trammell is the driving force behind Homespun Heart, a brand dedicated to crafting fashion-forward and glamorous props that elevate any setting. Join us as we dive deep into Barbie's creative process, exploring the inspiration behind each piece and the meticulous attention to detail that goes into every design. Experience the magic of Homespun Heart and discover how Barbie Trammell is transforming the world of fashion and glam props.

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