I Let My Bridesmaid Sleep With My Husband | LOVE DON'T JUDGE
Jan 10 2024
Kirsty and Tom, a couple who met on Tinder nine years ago, have opened up about their journey into the world of swinging. After discussing their sexual fantasies, they discovered a mutual desire to sleep with other people. This led them to regularly hook up with both men and women. During a sexual retreat, they met another couple, Katey and Dan, who had also decided to open up their relationship. The two couples often sleep together, with Tom describing the dynamic as "just like a normal friendship, but with benefits." Despite facing judgement, they continue to embrace their lifestyle. In an episode of Love Don't Judge, they discuss the challenges they've faced. Katey revealed that her family was initially very upset about their lifestyle. Kirsty, reflecting on their unique arrangement, said, "I love sharing my husband. It's more like a little proud moment for me."

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