Doctors Said They Couldn't Help - So I Lost 170lbs | BRAND NEW ME
Jan 14 2024
Whitney, a supermom and advocate for healthy living, struggled with her relationship with food from a young age. After having children, her weight reached its highest point, affecting her health and mobility. Despite seeking help from her doctor, she was told that they couldn't assist her. Whitney realized that her eating addiction had also influenced her children and husband, who were overweight as well. Determined to make a change, she consulted a therapist and revamped her diet, focusing on low carbohydrate foods. She lost 60lbs before undergoing weight loss surgery in 2022. With her newfound passion for healthy eating and a consistent gym routine, Whitney has lost an incredible 170lbs and dropped five wedding ring sizes. Her journey has also had a positive impact on her family, with her sons losing 65lbs and 70lbs respectively, and her husband losing 40lbs. Whitney's husband expressed his gratitude, acknowledging her as the main reason for their family's improved health and happiness.

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