How Botched Curves Hindered Me from Wearing a Bikini: Yessie's Journey
Jan 23 2024
Yessie, a young woman who struggled with her body image due to her lack of curves, decided to undergo multiple cosmetic procedures in Mexico to enhance her figure. Unfortunately, the results were far from what she had hoped for. Instead of achieving a balanced and proportionate look, Yessie ended up with a disproportionately large bum and hips, while her legs remained skinny. This outcome left her feeling depressed and unable to confidently wear a bikini, as she believed she looked overweight. Despite undergoing two BBL reductions in an attempt to correct the botched curves, Yessie has been unable to wear a bikini for the past two years. However, her challenging experience during the post-surgical treatment inspired her to establish her own med spas, with the aim of helping others who have faced similar situations. Today, Yessie successfully operates three med spas in California and Mexico.

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